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Shefali Lakhani


Design Strategy Lead
Shefali Lakhani

Discipline: Design, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, ​Humanities, Psychology, Social Science

Platform: Accelerator, Digital Observatory, Learning Network, Startup Foundry

Role: Staff

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Civic Tech, Data & Analysis, Digital Infrastructure, Fintech / Digital Currencies, Innovation & Disruption, Managing in the Digital Economy

What I do

With a background in law, financial services, and design, I bring with me a unique perspective on human and business challenges. In my role here as a Design Strategy Lead, at the nexus of human centered design and technology, I work with internal and external stakeholders to help them incorporate human centered design to solve key challenges.

What I care about

I'm interested in how technology impacts each aspect of our lives and the world around us. I'm passionate about the human aspect of technology and ensuring that the human is included in human centered design.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

As a designer, researcher, thinker, and problem solver, I hope to use my unique skillset to help organizations navigate and thrive in their digital transformation journeys, specifically, to help them better understand their users to solve the most relevant and pressing problems.