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Honglin Bao


Role : Affiliated PartnerTopic : AI / Machine LearningDiscipline : Complex SystemsTopic : Data & AnalysisDiscipline : Data ScienceLab : Digital Emotions LabTopic : Innovation & DisruptionDiscipline : ManagementDiscipline : Organizational BehaviorRole : Research AssociateDiscipline : Social ScienceRole : Student
Honglin Bao

What I do

I do research for food! I am a true believer in complex-system thinking.

What I care about

I am broadly interested in the intersection of science, organization, technology, and teamwork. Besides research, I love talking about cool Japanese anime with friends and road-running around Cambridge (even in Winter).

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

I have a tech/mathematics background but am fascinated by organizational issues in human society. I genuinely care about using digital, disruptive innovation to improve social justice and human well-being. I find D^3 is the best fit, in terms of tech and mission!

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