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Edward McFowland III


Edward McFowland III

What I do

I develop data science algorithms for the real world and, importantly, help organizations use these tools to solve methodological and operational challenges. I also spend time in the classroom educating leaders on building and using technology to create value and drive impact.

What I care about

I enjoy debating the distinction between AI, ML, Statistics, and Data Science. I'm always interested in discussing how to bridge the gap between Data Science and AI theory and Management Practice. In addition, I am passionate about helping those who are marginalized in society.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

At its core, my interest is enabling organizations to employ data science for data-driven knowledge discovery and decision-making. This seems to encompass all the D's in D^3 (and a few more that are not)!

Discipline: Computer Science, Data Science, Management

Lab: Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard

Role: Affiliated Faculty, Faculty

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Data & Analysis