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Peter Chang


Peter Chang

What I do

As a researcher in the Trustworthy AI Lab, my main mission is the scrutinize machine learning systems and find ways to improve their true usefulness to us.

What I care about

I enjoy talking to people about the intersection of computer science and social justice to understand different ways our data systems may reflect harmful biases from the past. Also as an avid bboy, I love talking to people about old school hip hop and anything dance related.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

I believe that ensuring fairness in machine learning goes hand-in-hand with improving the ability to truly solve a problem rather than providing an approximated, biased solution. For organizations to leverage data-based solutions effectively, they need to make sure they are fair, interpretable, and as reflective of the real world as possible.

Discipline: Applied Science, Data Science

Lab: Trustworthy AI Lab

Role: Research Associate

Topic: AI / Machine Learning

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