Performance and Metrics

This community of practice elevates participants’ comprehension of performance measurement and metrics within the realm of business. Here, academic luminaries and industry experts converge to scrutinize the latest methodologies, tools, and best practices in quantifying success and driving strategic decision-making. Participants immerse themselves in the realms of experimentation, data analytics, and benchmarking to unearth profound insights that catalyze enhanced organizational and financial performance. Together, they explore how to advance and harness the formidable power of data-driven decision-making, elevating businesses to new echelons of excellence.

Apr 18

Artificial Intelligence for Transforming Business Operations: A Conversation with the Chief Product Officer of Southeast Asia’s Super App Provider

9:00 am - 10:00 am EDT Virtual Event / Zoom
In this event, Philipp Kandal, the Chief Product Officer of Grab will discuss how Southeast Asia's all-in-one platform (Grab) is leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance its extensive delivery fleet. This session will explore the innovative strategies and cutting-edge AI technologies employed by Grab to optimize delivery routes, ensure timely deliveries, and improve overall efficiency. Join us at this event to understand the role of machine learning algorithms in predicting delivery demand, managing logistics, and enhancing customer satisfaction. As the leader of Grab's engineering, data science, and product design teams, Philipp will share his views on integrating AI in real-world operations, outstanding challenges of doing so, and the positive impacts that AI can have on the experiences of both delivery personnel customers.

Scientific Talent Leaks Out of Funding Gaps

In the recent paper “Scientific Talent Leaks Out of Funding Gaps,” Wei Yang Tham from the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard, along with Joseph Staudt and Bitsy Perlman of the US Census Bureau, and Stephanie Cheng of Edgeworth Economics, highlight the pivotal role of sustained funding in fostering the growth of future scientists.

Mar 18

Demystifying Generative AI Misconceptions: Use-Case Discussions with LinkedIn’s Top AI Voice Amanda Fetch

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT Virtual Event / Zoom
Join us for an event that promises to shade light on some of the most commonly held misconceptions about generative AI technology. In this "Ask Me Anything" session, our guest contributor, Amanda Fetch, will discuss real-world applications of generative AI--leveraging her 20+ years of experience as a digital transformation expert and a sought-after advisor to leading organizations in the spaces of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning--to highlight areas in which the technology is thriving and to identify shortcomings which will require significant technical and infrastructural improvements to mitigate. Join this event to engage in an enlightening conversation with our guest speaker and to have your questions answered about the constantly shifting generative AI space.

Insight: Are Automation and Robotization Changing How We Value Our Careers?

Work, the workforce, and the workplace is subjected to constant disruption primarily as a result of advancements in technology. Weather it is the impact of robotization to manual work or the disruption of knowledge-based work as a result of software-enabled innovation, career values are being redefined to accommodate for the evolving nature of work. This begs many questions, most importantly, the short and long-term implications of such advancements in technology to the concept of work as we ‘used’ to know it and by extension the values we associate with our careers. Using a novel data of resumes from 16 million individuals in the United States, this research study shades light on the existential question of technological disruption to the labor market and impact on career values.

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