Apr 18

Artificial Intelligence for Transforming Business Operations: A Conversation with the Chief Product Officer of Southeast Asia’s Super App Provider

9:00 am - 10:00 am EDT Virtual Event / Zoom

In this event, Philipp Kandal, the Chief Product Officer of Grab will discuss how Southeast Asia’s all-in-one platform (Grab) is leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance its extensive delivery fleet. This session will explore the innovative strategies and cutting-edge AI technologies employed by Grab to optimize delivery routes, ensure timely deliveries, and improve overall efficiency. Join us at this event to understand the role of machine learning algorithms in predicting delivery demand, managing logistics, and enhancing customer satisfaction. As the leader of Grab’s Product, Design, and Analytics teams, Philipp will share his views on integrating AI in real-world operations, outstanding challenges of doing so, and the positive impacts that AI can have on the experiences of delivery personnel and customers alike.

Philipp Kandal is the Chief Product Officer at Grab, the leading all-in-one digital platform in Southeast Asia. Philipp leads the Product, Design, Analytics teams as well as the Business Development team and the overall Geo/Maps group. Philipp is also engaged in the start-up world as a Chairman at Techsylvania (a tech conference in Romania) and as an angel investor and mentor for several startups.

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