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Digital transformation, data proliferation, and design thinking have created a new business paradigm. The digital era is here, and it’s time to reinvent the future of business. That’s what Srikant Datar, Harvard Business School Dean, set out to do. That’s why Karim Lakhani, HBS Professor of Business Administration, and Vladimir Jacimovic, HBS Executive Fellow, developed a blueprint for the Digital Data Design Institute: to enable HBS faculty to address the most pressing business questions of the day.

Cutting-edge faculty research

13 Labs

A new research model was needed that could adapt continuously to keep the School on the bleeding edge. We’ve adopted a scaled research model, a lab model borrowed from engineering and the life and natural sciences. The lab is focused on solving problems in the world. Multiple faculty members immerse themselves in the issue, in addition to doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, data scientists, visiting researchers, and other cross-school collaborators.

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30+ Faculty members across Harvard

Over 30 faculty collaborate within these labs to generate research and actionable knowledge that solves big, real-world problems.  Visit the Profiles page to learn more about our world-renowned faculty, as well as all of our research associates, postdoctoral fellows, and lab staff.

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6 Areas of Impact

The Institute centers around cutting-edge faculty research, organized into twelve labs that fit into six initial areas of impact.

  • Business Model Transformation
  • Operating Model Transformation
  • Organizational & Workforce Transformation
  • Performance and Metrics
  • Algorithms & Ethics
  • Societal Impact

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    The DI is now part of the Digital, Data, and Design (D^3) Institute at Harvard. Read more about this change..