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Lessons in Applying Responsible AI

Insights from the March 27th, 2024 capstone session on Gen AI applied use cases, risks, and responsibilities Recordings and articles from the Generative AI in Healthcare series can be found here. In the capstone session of the Generative AI in Healthcare series, Satish Tadikonda (HBS) spoke with Responsible AI Institute experts Manoj Saxena, Var Shankar, […]

Scaling AI for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Insights from the March 5th, 2024 session on Gen AI use cases among Healthcare Providers Recordings from the Generative AI in Healthcare series can be found here – session 1, session 2, session 3, and session 4 In the fourth session of the Generative AI in Healthcare series, speakers Nikhil Bhojwani (Recon Strategy) and Satish […]

Scientific Talent Leaks Out of Funding Gaps

In the recent paper “Scientific Talent Leaks Out of Funding Gaps,” Wei Yang Tham from the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard, along with Joseph Staudt and Bitsy Perlman of the US Census Bureau, and Stephanie Cheng of Edgeworth Economics, highlight the pivotal role of sustained funding in fostering the growth of future scientists.

Scaling AI Applications in Digital Health

Insights from the January 31st, 2024 session on Gen AI use cases in the Digital Health sector In the third session of the Generative AI in Healthcare series, speakers Nikhil Bhojwani (Recon Strategy) and Satish Tadikonda (HBS) provided a thought-provoking overview of the current digital health landscape, followed by an engaging panel discussion led by […]

The Eco-Digital Era: The dual transition to a sustainable and digital economy

The Digital Value Lab at Digital Data Design Institute, in collaboration with Capgemini Research Institute, unveils a joint research initiative poised at the intersection of innovation and value creation in the burgeoning eco-digital economy. This comprehensive research paper navigates through the transformative impact of generative AI, digital twins, edge computing, immersive technologies, quantum computing, and […]

Certifying LLM Safety Against Adversarial Prompting

Large language models (LLMs) released for public use incorporate guardrails to ensure their output is safe, often referred to as “model alignment.” The study presented by Chirag Agarwal Chirag Agarwal , Suraj Srinivasan Suraj Srinivasan , Himabindu Lakkaraju, Aounon Kumar, and Aaron Jiaxun Li, along with University of Maryland colleague Soheil Feizi, investigates a novel […]

Who is AI Replacing?

How will the release of generative AI tools affect freelance jobs that require different skills or software? Research from Ozge Demirci Ozge Demirci , along with colleagues Jonas Hannane from the German Institute for Economic Research and Xinrong Zhu from Imperial College Business School, examines the impact of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and image-generating […]

The Uneven Impact of Generative AI on Entrepreneurial Performance

There is a growing belief that scalable and low-cost AI assistance can improve firmdecision-making and economic performance. However, running a business involvesa myriad of open-ended problems, making it hard to generalize from recent studiesshowing that generative AI improves performance on well-defined writing tasks. Research from Rem Koning Rem Koning and Rowan Clarke, along with colleagues […]

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