The Eco-Digital Era: The dual transition to a sustainable and digital economy

The Digital Value Lab at Digital Data Design Institute, in collaboration with Capgemini Research Institute, unveils a joint research initiative poised at the intersection of innovation and value creation in the burgeoning eco-digital economy. This comprehensive research paper navigates through the transformative impact of generative AI, digital twins, edge computing, immersive technologies, quantum computing, and synthetic biology—technologies that are forging a new paradigm in both digital and sustainable economic development.

Our research underlines the significant attention generative AI commands within corporate strategies, with its presence on the agenda of 96% of organizations. The adoption of digital twins and edge computing is demonstrating robust improvements in efficiency and infrastructure, while immersive technologies captivate consumer interest, enhancing the buying journey. Furthermore, the anticipated integration of quantum computing is set to overhaul process efficiencies and elevate security measures. Synthetic biology emerges at the forefront, blending various fields to engender operational expenditure reduction and sustainability through innovative solutions.

The paper brings light on the dual transition towards a digital and sustainability-centric economy, providing insights into how these emerging technologies can act as catalysts for environmental and economic benefits. As we venture into this ‘jagged technological frontier’, the insights from the Digital Value Lab and Capgemini serve as a strategic guide for organizations aiming to leverage the disruptive potential of these technologies for a competitive advantage and a sustainable future.

Dive into the full paper here to discover how your enterprise can embrace this shift and prosper in the new eco-digital landscape. This research, a collaboration between Capgemini Research Institute and the Digital Value Lab, charts the course for navigating the uncharted waters of tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs

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