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Jin H. Paik

Head of Labs
Jin H. Paik

Discipline: Data Science, Design, Education, Entrepreneurship, Finance, ​Humanities, Management, Organizational Behavior, Social Science

Lab: Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard

Role: Staff

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Civic Tech, Data & Analysis, Digital Infrastructure, Industry 4.0, Innovation & Disruption, Managing in the Digital Economy, Platforms & Crowds

What I do

I have worked at the intersection of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, open innovation and the future of work over the past fifteen years in academia and industry.

What I care about

I enjoy solving complex problems while building effective teams.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

I was the founding General Manager and Senior Researcher at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard, where I oversaw the development of open innovation and data science projects with NASA, Harvard Medical School, Broad Institute, and other companies, including the execution of 800-plus innovation projects. I developed a passion to help organizations scale and accelerate technologies and innovation in a digital world. I am the co-author of Open Talent: Leveraging the Global Workforce to Solve Your Biggest Challenges, published through Harvard Business Review Press in January 2024.

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