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Brian Ludrof


Director of Communications
Brian Ludrof

What I do

I'm thrilled to bring the phenomenal and groundbreaking work of the Digital, Data, and Design Institute at Harvard to a global audience. I connect life-changing research to real-world insights and provide those insights in consumable pieces of content. Through digital outreach centered around a robust web and social media presence with a calculated communications strategy, my goal is to align the values and work of D^3 with like-minded academic and corporate partners to cultivate innovation.

What I care about

Higher education's value proposition has been challenged in recent years to produce more tangible change and innovation. I'm passionate about the work of higher education having purpose and meaning, and how our work leads to meaningful change in our society.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

With more than 10 years of experience in the higher education space, both in admission communications and athletic communications, I understand how to get a message in front of as many eyes as possible and how to curate that message so that it resonates with targeted audiences. At D^3, I can utilize that experience to give my work more purpose than ever before, bringing a message of innovation with insights to the masses. The stakes are high and the needle moves with every pulled lever.

Discipline: Marketing

Role: Staff

Topic: Data & Analysis, Innovation & Disruption, Platforms & Crowds, Social Enterprise