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Michael Bervell
Hossein Alidaee
Chirag Agarwal
Yejia (Richard) Xu
Sofie Cairo
Brian Baik

What I do

For over 25 years, I have studied entrepreneurship as a means of economic development. I currently teach courses related to creativity in emerging economies.

What I care about

My most recent passions are two collections of essays I co-edited, one a set of transcripts of original video interviews of iconic entrepreneurial leaders across emerging markets, Leadership to Last, the other most recently, Making Meritocracy, an inter-disciplinary exploration of the roots of meritocracy in China and India, with lessons for entrepreneurship and for much studied societal attributes like dynamism and inequality.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

I helped found the non-profit Aspire Institute, whose mission is to "transform the lives of young adults worldwide who are currently underserved through a fully funded leadership development program that catalyzes our leaders of tomorrow to make a positive impact in their communities."

Discipline: Applied Science, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance

Lab: Tech for All Lab

Role: Faculty

Topic: Digital Infrastructure, Fintech / Digital Currencies, Innovation & Disruption, Managing in the Digital Economy, Social Enterprise

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