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Esther Yoon


Esther Yoon

What I do

Human connector. Organizational lover. Lifelong learner.

What I care about

I'm passionate about education and learning, and am super interested in people. What lights me up is seeing others talk about their motivation and work, as well as hearing the stories behind what that led them here to our organization.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

My background in education, domestic and international, and penchant for organization and administration equips me to support this fast-paced and thriving organization. I understand the impact that research has for faculty and the broader community, and am super excited to see how that is being reinvented and is part of educating a new generation of leaders who make a difference in the world.

Discipline: Design, Education, Entrepreneurship, ​Humanities, Management, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Social Science

Role: Staff

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Industry 4.0, Managing in the Digital Economy

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