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Shikhar Ghosh

He / Him

Professor of Management Practice
Shikhar Ghosh

Discipline: Applied Science, Complex Systems, Design, Economics, Education, Entrepreneurship, Management, Organizational Behavior

Platform: Digital Observatory, Startup Foundry, The Platform of the Future

Role: Faculty

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Data & Analysis, Digital Infrastructure, Fintech / Digital Currencies, Innovation & Disruption, Managing in the Digital Economy, Social Enterprise

What I do

Teach courses on technologies that will change the world and starting and building High- Impact companies. Apply entrepreneurial and data driven approaches to solving difficult global problems at scale.

What I care about

How technology and entrepreneurship will change human society and how we can set up systems of governance that guide us to humane and just outcomes.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

My teaching , course development, Board and advisory roles are all focused on helping individual and organizations create a more prosperous and just world through the use of digital technologies systematic approaches to scaling and governance of large organizations.

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