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Lihi Idan
Tu Ni
Fabrizio Dell’Acqua
Hossein Alidaee
Chirag Agarwal
Yejia (Richard) Xu
Sofie Cairo
Brian Baik

Discipline: Applied Science, Computer Science, Data Science, Design, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, ​Humanities, Management, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Social Science

Lab: blackbox Lab, Digital Emotions Lab, Tech for All Lab, Trustworthy AI Lab

Platform: Accelerator

Role: Research Scientist, Staff

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Data & Analysis, Digital Infrastructure, Innovation & Disruption, Social Enterprise

What I do

I lead the Human-Centered Technology community of practice at the Digital Data Design Institute.

What I care about

Creating a better future for an augmented humanity: how technology can unlock and amplify human potential and businesses can generate more human-centered innovation that benefits society in meaningful ways.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

My background is in sociotechnical research - quantifying social phenomena and translating these into algorithms and product design affordances that facilitate digital social wellbeing and other pro-social outcomes. I work as a research strategist connecting research teams to the biggest opportunities for real-world impact and translating scientific insights into practical applications that benefit both businesses and society at a global scale.