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Michael Bervell
Hossein Alidaee
Chirag Agarwal
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Sofie Cairo
Brian Baik

Chirag Agarwal

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Chirag Agarwal

What I do

I am a curiosity-driven researcher working on different aspects of trustworthy machine learning and trying to explain the complex behavior of current large-scale black-box machine learning models.

What I care about

I am always up for discussing topics, including Philosophy, Human thoughts, and Artificial Intelligence. I believe the intersection of all these diverse fields can result in something beautiful, and I enjoy exploring the same.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

With the ever-increasing data accessible on today's web, it is crucial to create trust boundaries in the digital world which organizations follow. I aim to lay the foundation of trustworthy pillars building on which we can create a new digital world, one that is safe, fair, and reliable.

Discipline: Computer Science, Data Science

Lab: Trustworthy AI Lab

Role: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Topic: AI / Machine Learning

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