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Kelly Kimball

Executive Fellow
Kelly Kimball

Discipline: Entrepreneurship

Platform: Startup Foundry

Role: Affiliated Partner

Topic: Innovation & Disruption, Social Enterprise

What I do

I am an entrepreneur, a mentor for impact focused startups and an investor focused on companies with diverse founders.

What I care about

As a mentor, I have worked with a number of small to midsized impact companies to develop disruptive, strategic "competitive response" plans aimed at industries dominated by large "arrogant incumbents".

As a lecturer I concentrate on entrepreneurship, fundraising, disruptive strategies and creating advantage from regulatory barriers.

As an investor, I focus on Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A investments into companies with diverse ownership (an emphasis on women founders/ownership) and have an "impact" mission.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

D^3's StartUp Foundry will unlock incredible technologies at a time when the world needs them most. It is imperative that we provide as much depth and breadth of support as possible to these entrepreneurial endeavors. I hope to bring a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience to the organization to help ensure the highest level of success for all who enter the foundry.

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