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Dalia Yousif


Research Associate
Dalia Yousif

Discipline: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Social Science

Lab: Digital Value Lab

Platform: Data Science

Role: Research Associate

Topic: AI / Machine Learning, Data & Analysis, Fintech / Digital Currencies, Managing in the Digital Economy, Social Enterprise

What I do

I drive transformative change at the intersection of business, finance, policy, and technology, harnessing their collective potential to shape a sustainable and inclusive future.

What I care about

I am passionate about exploring the opportunities and challenges of digitalization, particularly in the context of government institutions, business, trade, and the development of emerging economies. I enjoy engaging in discussions on leveraging technology for inclusive growth, enhancing governance frameworks, and fostering sustainable economic development in developing countries.

How I connect to the D^3 Mission

With a background in software engineering and business analytics, I aim to contribute to D^3's mission of exploring innovative approaches, leveraging digital data, and nurturing future leaders in the digital world. My passion lies in utilizing technology and data-driven insights to drive positive change, and I eagerly look forward to collaborating with the talented individuals at D^3 to make a meaningful impact.