Human-Centered Technology

In this interdisciplinary endeavor, scholars and professionals unite on a mission to harness technology’s potential to amplify and unlock human capabilities. They explore the dynamic intersection of technology and humanity, seeking ways to enhance the human experience. By integrating insights from social sciences, design methodology, and technological expertise, this collaborative community empowers the leaders of tomorrow to increase innovation velocity while keeping humanity at the center.

photo of energy-saving lightbulbs

Creating a Sustainable Future: Unlock the Potential of a Circular Economy

In Creating a Sustainable Future: Unlock the Potential of a Circular Economy, the Digital, Data, and Design (D^3) Institute and Freelancer have partnered to host a crowdsourcing competition to learn new ways to adopt the circular economy for impact across business and sustainability

Zoox car

A new type of AV, a new type of AV company 

Zoox co-founder and chief technology officer, Jesse Levinson, shares what makes their autonomous vehicle product and model unique from a technical and business perspective.

Oona King making a point during the interview

10x’ing DEI: a focus on product and communities

Drawing from her wide experiences across the UK Parliament, British media, YouTube, Google, and Snap Inc., Oona King shares how we can leverage tech’s problem-solving mindset to drive DEI progress, her vision for open-sourcing DEI, and the next big leap for DEI — more deeply understanding how product plays into the space.

Laura Montoya thumbnail

Laura N Montoya on the global cultural lens of AI

In this episode, we speak with Laura N Montoya from Accel.AI about the inherent correlation between underrepresentation and bias, the need to support communities building tech systems, plus advice for young people looking to get into the tech space.

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