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60 percent of the content we share on our Monday morning meetings is about AI.

Mickey Mikitani, D^3 Advisory Council Member and Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Rakuten Group, Inc.

AI-Focused Partnerships Announced with JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, and Boston Consulting Group

BOSTON – The Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard (D^3) announced today two multi-year corporate partnerships and one research partnership, a first since the Institute’s inception in 2022. The corporate partners include JPMorgan Chase and Boston Consulting Group, who will work with Harvard and Harvard Business School faculty and researchers within their labs at D^3 […]

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is a superpower

Startup Foundry Highlights Neru Health

Are you tired all the time? Have trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1-in-3 adults in the United States reported not getting enough rest or sleep every day. For the 20 million shift workers in the US—nurses, doctors, first responders, warehouse workers, truck drivers, etc.— being […]

D^3 in the News

Discover the latest publications from worldwide news outlets on the work of the Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard. Dive in below. Fortune Newsletter You’ll Probably Need to Learn a New Acronym to Keep Up with the Latest AI Trend By: Sage Lazarro InnoLead Four AI Questions Organizations Need to be Discussing By: Scott Kirsner […]

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transforms productivity

Winners Announced for 2024 Cubies

Organizations have four questions to answer: What useful thing you do is no longer valuable? What impossible thing can you do now? What can you move downmarket or democratize? What can you move upmarket and personalize?

Ethan Mollick, Leading with AI Conference Featured Speaker and Associate Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Because AI

changes everything

Insight: How to Radically Transform Business Operations with AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to radically transform the operational aspects of businesses. Delivery businesses are a quintessential example of where such an AI-enabled transformation could occur. For example, companies like Grab (Southeast Asia’s largest all-in-one digital platform provider) employ cutting-edge AI algorithms to enhance overall efficiency of its delivery fleet. Grab leverages complex machine learning algorithms to predict delivery demand and to manage logistics, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Such applications of AI could help businesses cut down on cost and allocate resources more efficiently, improve the on-the-job experience for their employees, and understand the needs of their customers better to provide the holistic service their customers need when they need it.

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Our work at the Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard focuses our 14 labs around six communities of practice to produce and share research-rooted knowledge on how society and business are interacting with artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies.

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