Future of Work

This community of practice delves into the contemplation of the future of work in the age of AI-augmentation and rapid digital advancement. As the modern workplace undergoes profound transformation, scholars and practitioners convene to address the myriad challenges and opportunities that lie on the horizon. This intellectual forum explores subjects such as remote work, workforce diversity, talent management, digital reskilling, and the impact of automation on tomorrow’s workplaces. Participants explore the strategies for organizational leaders and individuals to navigate the evolving realm of work with dexterity and foresight.

Using GPT for Market Research

Can market research be done effectively with a synthetic market? This research from Ayelet Israeli Ayelet Israeli , along with Microsoft colleagues James Brand and Donald Ngwe, presents a comprehensive study on the application of Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-3.5 in market research. It explores the extent to which these models can simulate consumer […]

Being Together in Place as a Catalyst for Scientific Advance

The COVID-19 pandemic forced widespread social distancing, affecting every aspect of society, including universities. Face-to-face interactions, crucial for sparking innovative ideas and collaborations, were replaced by video conferences, raising concerns about the impact on scientific knowledge and discovery. As organizations adopt hybrid or fully remote work models, questions arise about the “death of distance” in […]

Dec 15

Automation, Robotization, and the Future of Work

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST Virtual Event / Zoom
Are you curious about the implications of automation and robotization on careers in various industries? Join this session to learn about a novel research that examined approximately 16 million individual resumes across the United States to understand the implications of automation and robotization on careers in manufacturing, retail, and service industries. In this talk, our guest contributor, Pinar Yildirim—an associate professor of Marketing at The Wharton School—will discuss the findings of her research on the multipronged impact of AI and Machine Learning technologies on the US labor market, in the contexts of similarly disruptive technologies in the past, and the recent advent of Generative AI technologies that are transforming the US labor market as we speak. Based on the takeaways of her novel research, Professor Yildirim will share additional insights on why the recent proliferation of Generative AI technologies can be different from past innovations, how businesses are uniquely impacted, and what can plausibly be inferred about the implications of Generative AI technologies to labor markets outside of the US context.
  • Pinar Yildirim

Using Analytics to Find Value in Education Data

The following insights are derived from a recent Assembly talk featuring Hywel Benbow, regarding applying data analytics to enhance the performance of educational institutions. We presented a few question to Hywel during this talk, and what follows is a summary of his responses. Could you speak to some overarching and generalizable ways educational organizations could […]

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