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Scaling AI Applications in Digital Health

Insights from the January 31st, 2024 session on Gen AI use cases in the Digital Health sector In the third session of the Generative AI in Healthcare series, speakers Nikhil Bhojwani (Recon Strategy) and Satish Tadikonda (HBS) provided a thought-provoking overview of the current digital health landscape, followed by an engaging panel discussion led by […]

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How Can We Counteract Generative AI’s Hallucinations?

Harvard Business School Professor and Chair of the D^3 (Digital, Data, Design) Institute at Harvard—Karim Lakhani—shares expertise on why ChatGPT and Generative AI tools hallucinate, as well as how to prompt these tools to do better. Since ChatGPT does not have a built-in fact-checking mechanism for its responses based upon data patterns, it can “hallucinate” […]

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