Civic Tech

Private enterprise can only take the promise and potential of the digital economy so far. Governments have a crucial role to play in ensuring that the digital transformation of the economy is a positive one.

How Cyberspace is Transforming International Security

Related: cybersecurity issues are completely transforming the way that international security is handled. How will these changes impact international governance and norms and alter the way that the public and private sector alike handle cybersecurity? Faculty affiliate Derek Reveron has some ideas.


From prosaic to personal: transforming city data through art

Want to make city data more personal and tell a more compelling story to its citizens? Turn it into art! Beyond the obvious cool factor and pleasing aesthetics, this approach highlights the importance of curating data to effectively convey its meaning to an audience.

The Value of Digital-Focused Curriculum at a Policy School

Should public policy students take technology courses? In a word – yes. Need more convincing? Our colleague at the Harvard Kennedy School David Eaves makes a compelling argument for the value of digitally-focused classes for students looking to join the public sector.


A Summer Internship with the City of Boston

At the behest of then-CDO Lauren Lockwood, 2017 Social Enterprise Summer Fellow Kiernan Schmitt (MBA 2018) decided to join the City of Boston Department of Innovation and Technology for the summer. This blog post is a great reminder that government CAN have an innovative culture and can-do attitude.

The importance of government going digital (hint: it’s not just about efficiency)

Most people when they think of city government, they don’t exactly tend to think of pleasing and intuitive digital experiences. Former CDO (Chief Digital Officer) of the City of Boston and HBS alumna Lauren Lockwood is on a mission to change all that by creating interactions with government that don’t suck.

Waze Connected Citizens Program

In an innovative data-sharing partnership, Waze’s Connected Citizen Program connects local governments with traffic incident and congestion data. Professor Mitchell Weiss’s case on the program offers a masterclass in management principles for how small partnerships with government can scale like they’re a Silicon Valley hotshot and successfully build cities fit for the future.

Raised map of a city with pins

Karim Lakhani on mapping the world

In this talk from our 2017 Digital Transformation Summit, Karim Lakhani the Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School moderated a panel on how digitization and high resolution imagery is changing the worlds of commerce and government.

Gillian Hadfield on rules for a flat world

On November 2nd, 2016 the Digital Seminar series hosted Gillian Hadfield from the Gould School of Law at the University of California.


Robert Cannon on the internet interconnection ecosystem

On May 4th, 2016 the Digital Seminar series hosted Robert Cannon from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). He gave a talk called “Evolution of the Internet Interconnection Ecosystem.”

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