Will machine learning make you a better manager?

Big data…artificial intelligence…Internet of Things. These technologies have taken their shares of the headlines the past few years, but now machine learning is the buzz. Mike Teodorescu explains how it is changing the lives of consumers and businesses.

Technology innovation abounds, but what does it really mean for us all?

What are the meaningful implications of technological innovation? This is the question Janet Balis (MBA ’99) found herself asking at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Breaking down her key insights from the conference, Balis offers several salient and thought-provoking questions for those seeking to derive more impact from innovation than simply shiny, exciting new gadgets.

Do Bitcoin and digital currency have a future?

Cryptocurrency certainly has its appeal. The lack of middle men or local regulatory bodies make it an efficient transaction method, and many in the finance industry now see digital currencies as the natural and unavoidable future. But is the new technology worth the hype? Professor emeritus James Haskett takes a look back at the meteoric rise of another trend in finance – hedge funds – and determines that the answer is ‘maybe’.

Good, bad; pros, cons – ICOs are certainly giving the finance world a lot to talk about

In a way, 2017 was the year of the ICO. 2017 saw over 700 initial coin offerings will almost $5 billion raised according to ICO Data (compared with less than $1 billion in 2016). It is no surprise then that this fundraising phenomenon has left the finance world and VC firms in particular with a lot to talk about. This article from Harvard Business Review highlights some of the advantages and disadvantages of this disruptive new fundraising tactic.

Why millennials flock to fintech for personal investing

New tech-heavy financial firms are helping millennials invest, but with a twist. They are swapping out investment advisers for financial robots, and passing along the savings. Luis Viceira explains the rise of “fintech” in a new case study.

How Consumer Brands Can Connect with Customers in a Changing Retail Landscape

What are some of the ways that pioneering companies are redefining the relationship with their customers in the digital age? By keeping in mind the importance of such strategies as using the right digital channels, adding value to your customers, and staying flexible to the emergence of new technologies. This article from HBR provides salient insights into how retailers can develop a similarly effective digital strategy as they navigate a rapidly changing industry.

Analytics for an Online Retailer: Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization

HBS Assistant Professor Kris Johnson Ferreira partnered with Rue La La to help the online flash sale company improve their pricing structure. So what exactly can machine learning and data analytics do for a fashion retailer? Just take a look at the bottom line to see the answer.


The new normal: luxury in the secondary market

HBS alum Charles Gorra explains how Rebag successfully built a secondary market for luxury handbags and describes the forces that are changing modern shopping habits.

Toys ‘R’ Us Might Be Dying, but Physical Retail Isn’t

In the shifting digital landscape, it can be all too easy to cry wolf. The decline of big box stores in particular has left retailers anxiously worrying about the future of the industry. But the retail apocalypse isn’t all that it may seem, and as with all things in the digital economy, the story isn’t so much about death as it is about disruption. And as it turns out, the future of (at least some) retail is looking just fine.

Why Retailers Should Retire Holiday Shopping Season

As the digital landscape evolves, shoppers are becoming more accustomed to having what they want, when they want it. In an age when information is ubiquitous and consumers are in “shopping mode” all the time, an over-emphasis on the holiday season no longer makes sense for either customer or retailer. Perhaps it’s time for a new model.

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