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Private enterprise can only take the promise and potential of the digital economy so far. Governments have a crucial role to play in ensuring that the digital transformation of the economy is a positive one.
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Elizabeth M. Adams on civic tech as advocacy work

In this episode, we are speaking with Elizabeth M. Adams from Stanford University’s Digital Civil Society Lab about the roles and responsibility of government in tech, the ethical implications of technology, and the long game of advocacy work.

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What food trucks can teach us about IT

To make sure your products and platforms are used, try talking with your users before you develop them.

Upward view of government building columns

Tech governance shaped by humans

Innovation follows a cyclical nature. The governance of technology, however, is shaped by humans — the ultimate decision makers in how technology is developed, deployed, and managed. Today, after several decades of unfettered innovation, we are witnessing the outcomes of letting tech run its course. Unequivocally, the digital age has improved the lives of citizens […]

The road map of the future: transportation

WBUR hosted a five-part series, Business in the Era of Climate Change in collaboration with Harvard Business School and Boston University Questrom School of Business.  Business is the main source of the greenhouse gases that are causing the Earth’s climate to change. Business is also the main source of new products, services and business models […]

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The intersection of tech and public interest

This article originally appeared on digital HKS’ Medium.  A variety of centers and individuals have tried to define Public Interest Technology (PIT) and those working to advance it. Sasha Costanza-Chock of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), echoing how many refer to Public Interest Law, defines PIT as “people working to use technology for social […]

A justice system run by AI

How and why artificial intelligence is being used in the criminal justice system is coming under increasing scrutiny. Research has exposed the way applications intended to remove human bias are instead exasperating existing inequalities within the system. One of the drivers of this problem is the gap between the decision-makers who are trying to use […]

Why K-12 Education Needs Data Strategists

It makes sense that born-digital educational products like MOOCs would have robust data capabilities, but what about the schools and teachers that are, as they always have been, in charge of training children in the earlier stages of their education journey? Harvard Director of Education and Communication Miriam Greenberg makes the case for establishing a new profession in K-12 education: the data strategist.

To what extent is it possible to take the distance out of distance learning?

The Global Philosopher, a special 4-part series with BBC Radio 4, gave Professor Michael J. Sandel an opportunity to initiate global dialogue like he’d never done before. Using HBX’s innovative Live Studio, the series virtually brought together individuals from across the globe to engage in lively debate about some of today’s most pressing issues. In this keynote from the 2018 Harvard University IT Summit, Sandel muses on the promise — and limitations — of this style of public discourse.

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Chris Forman on internet adoption and knowledge diffusion

On December 13th, 2017 the Digital Seminar series hosted Chris Forman from the Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management at Cornell University.

Peter Cowhey and Jonathan Aronson on global governance

On November 29th, 2017 the Digital Seminar series hosted Peter Cowhey from the School of Global Policy & Strategy at the University of California, San Diego and Jonathan Aronson from the Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California.

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