Oona King making a point during the interview

10x’ing DEI: a focus on product and communities

Drawing from her wide experiences across the UK Parliament, British media, YouTube, Google, and Snap Inc., Oona King shares how we can leverage tech’s problem-solving mindset to drive DEI progress, her vision for open-sourcing DEI, and the next big leap for DEI — more deeply understanding how product plays into the space.

Verse Simmonds singing infront of condenser microphone

The coauthored brand story

The way to mitigate the effects of negativity about a brand is to try to tip the balance towards the voices of more positive brand allies.


Two powerful ways managers can curb implicit biases

Many managers want to be more inclusive, but they don’t know how to get there. They are often not given the right tools to overcome the challenges posed by implicit biases. Research shows there are two, small—but more powerful—ways managers can block bias: first, by closely examining and broadening their definitions of success, and second, […]

woman at computer

When online harassment doesn’t follow the rules

Is there a ‘cost’ to online harassment? Is it quantifiable? Beyond the toll it weighs on human victims, the rampant toxicity we see across social networks and communities, does this toxicity affect the bottom line of social networks? Well, in December 2018, Amnesty International released a robust report on online harassment against women politicians and […]

wWoman climbing metal ladder

Barriers, not the pipeline, prevent gender equality in tech

The argument that the education pipeline does not produce enough qualified women to take up positions in science and technology-related industries does not hold water. In the US, labour force data show that the number of women working in computing and other digital technology jobs is disproportionately lower than the number of women graduating from […]

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