TikTok: A Viral App Among Teenagers

TikTok's special algorithms that allow everyone potentially to be famous and its easy-to-make videos features make it go viral among teenagers – just like its videos on the platform. And, It is still rapidly growing all around the world.

Rethinking the Video Game Business Model

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Activision Blizzard is one the largest video game publishers in the world and has seen tremendous success over the past 5 years. Moving forward, it must re-evaluate its strategic and operational positioning to adapt to a set of transformational digital trends in the video game industry.

LinkedIn: Using data and analytics to chart connections between professionals, firms, and the economy

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LinkedIn's success has relied on the desire of professionals to have online identities that are separate from their personal profiles, the quality of professionals and organizations on the platform, network effects that make the platform more valuable as it grows, and the high-quality, targeted insights and products the company delivers given its vast data and analytical capabilities.