Exploitive Platforms: How Tinder Exploits Lonely Men to Make MASSIVE Profits

Tinder is a matching platform that helps strangers within a reasonable geographic radius to meet and to converse if both users express interest. The platform makes gigantic profits by exploiting lonely men who pay outrageous asymmetric prices for premium features/services that barely help their prospects based on empirical evidence. This blog post explores the dark side of platforms.

“Zoom by Day, Houseparty by Night”

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Social distancing orders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has left individuals isolated from friends and loved ones, resulting in increased demand for video chat apps. Houseparty has grown dramatically in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mighty Networks, the new digital fireside for niche audiences

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Mighty Networks is allowing online brands to create the customer’s digital experience of tomorrow through its platform.  MN can be used by businesses to gather and connect online communities around discussions on specific interests, reach directly to members, bolster interaction between them and achieve enduring brand memory.