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The biggest threat I see is compliance. The financial services industry has been rocked by scandals in the past where people end up losing a lot of money. In the aftermath, the SEC goes after firms to punish them and tries to convict them based on failures in their compliance policies and procedures (e.g. they will find an email that says we will make more money if we sell product a over product b). If someone sues for losing money with a robo-advisor, I wonder if all the compliance policies will be buttoned up enough to survive lawsuits.

On May 1, 2018, aricarlospena commented on Digital Disney: Transforming the Happiest Place on Earth :

Great post. The question for me will be when they have to make a decision between whether to support their OTT service or their tentpole in theater strategy which will they lean towards. It’s easy enough to say both for now while there’s content that can go to both, but if there comes a time where there’s only room in people’s tastes for one superhero movie per year, will they go DTC or stay their traditional course. Also how will they manage talent that prefers traditional distribution over OTT.

On May 1, 2018, aricarlospena commented on Deloitte: when audit turns digital :

Great post. Only thing I would say is that as Deloitte contemplates reinventing itself on the technological front, it will need to also determine whether it will also help with the implementation of any new technologies it has or if it will try to stay afar like it has within the audit space. If it wants to move into the tech space it will have to compete with firms like Accenture that have a workforce of 100,000. That’s a different business model, so not sure if they want to go there.