How Mercadolibre became the biggest company in Latin America

During the covid pandemic of 2020 Mercadolibre came out as one of the biggest winners, experiencing growth of more than 100% in their volume of transactions and becoming the biggest company in all Latin America. But, how did this garage startup founded 20 years ago become the biggest online commerce and payments ecosystem in the region?

Kaspi. Kazakhstan. Very Nice!

We are not a bank. Banks think in terms of the back office. We are at the front end of the relationship between the customer and our products and services. Are we a financial services company? Yes. Are we a payments company? Yes. Are we a marketplace and e-commerce company? Yes. But above all, we are a technology and a customer experience design company. – Mikhail Lomtadze, CEO and Co-founder.

Zero(dha) to the top!

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Zerodha, an Indian discount broker was able to rapidly scale and satisfy a surge in demand during the recent market downturn. As its original proposition of low-cost transactions has worn off, it relied on its technical prowess to compete. What else can it do to sustainably grow, particularly in a post-Covid India that has a seemingly insatiable appetite for digital financial products?