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On April 23, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on Artrendex: AI Invades The Art World :

Amazing post Jo! What do you think about the adoption of NFTs in art industry? It sounds like a natural fit for Artendex. I imagine they could use their recommendation engine to create an NFT art marketplace.

On April 23, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on Tempus AI: Data-Driven Precision Medicine :

Interesting post Marcos! I think that these type of innovations also raise significant ethical concerns, apart from the data privacy limitations you’ve mentioned. I feel that the healthcare sector is probably where we’ll see the most controversies about implementing technology in the near future.

On April 23, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on How Spotify Knows Your Music Tastes Better Than You :

Amazing post Steph! I agree that Spotify’s deep understanding of users has a huge potential beyond improving the app and providing a better user experience. I’m curious to see if Spotify leverages this data and loops their insights back to artists and producers to help them create better music.

On March 24, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on Tesla: A Data driven future :

Great post Vikram! It’s interesting how crucial OTA updates and data collection are for Tesla. I wonder how much do this OTA communications depend on having fast and robust connectivity available. This might be a potential limitation for expanding to other markets in the future.
Also, how do you think that 5G connectivity will change the industry?

On March 24, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on Nike: It’s Data Analytics, Just Do It :

Thanks for sharing Francisco. I am surprised that Nike has decided to launch 7 independent apps, instead of encapsulating the entire ecosystem in a master app. What are your thoughts about the tradeoff between complexity and targeting specific niches, given that mobile apps is not precisely the core business of Nike (or is it now?)

On March 24, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on BCG – Putting Data at the Forefront of Consulting Services :

Great post! I’m curious about which type of clients does BCG Gamma usually attract. Is BCG being able to offer these services to their existing clients base, or is it targeting a new market? And I’m also wondering if companies which have tech at their core demand these services, or develop their own capabilities in-house.

On March 3, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on Quality Broadcast in Quick Bites :

Great post Cristina! It’s interesting (and kind of sad) of covid instantly interrupted the use of not only physical locations but also some platforms. I’m wondering how would growth have looked like for Quibi in a non-covid world. What do you think their advantages are vs on-demand videos on YouTube or Netflix?

On March 3, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on Kickstarter: Bringing creative projects to life :

Interesting post Kanako! I’m a great fan of Kickstarter, I enjoy checking the new gadgets being proposed, when I need a creativity boost. However, I’m curious about the effectiveness of the platform in the long term. I cannot think of any project (that I know) which was originated in Kickstarter and became commercial and well-known. I feel that after being something popular and new for a couple years, the platform is slowly stagnating.

On March 3, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on Le Bon Coin: The secrets of a local business model :

Amazing post Stephane! To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Le Bon Coin before. It’s interesting how the platform became so entrenched in the French culture. Reading about the services it provides and the uses that people are giving to it, I don’t see why a similar service hasn’t tipped in other countries. I’m wondering if it would be possible for Le Bon Coin to expand to other geographies (under a different name probably!)

On February 11, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on Harvard Business School – Remains Open :

After having experienced the Hybrid Classrooms setup at HBS, I must admit that I’m impressed by how fast the school could readapt and instrument such a polished learning experience. Although I’m grateful for the opportunity of continuing having classes during the quarantine, I’m also concerned about how the introduction of high-end IT infrastructure as an indispensable requisite for effectively teaching classes might widen the education gap across students coming from different socioeconomic realities.

On February 11, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on The micro-entrepreneur: the untold story of digital transformation :

After reading a so inspirational success case, I wonder how many other Renatos and Victorias are out there, struggling to adapt their small businesses to a digital world. I think governments or NGOs should provide them with plug-and-play toolkits, mentoring and training in order to maximize their chances of surviving and staying profitable under the new rules of the game.

On February 11, 2021, Tomas Bresler commented on Your Instacart shopper has started shopping! :

I had the opportunity to visit Instacart headquarters in San Francisco just a couple months before covid hit. I remember that back then, their two biggest challenges were related to accelerating adoption beyond their core demographics and streamlining the orders’ fulfillment. I wonder how their operations have evolved since then, and what their new challenges are!