Burger King: Leveraging data to guide decisions and enrich the customer experience

While most cases at HBS treat Burger King as McDonald's eternal rival, there's a new reason why the competition has increased in the 21st century. By turning details about customer transactions, preferences, and purchasing patterns into actionable insights, Burger King drives business decisions with the power of data analytics. Is McDonald's simply going to rest on its laurels, or will it use a trojan horse strategy to stay ahead?

23andMe, who does it profit?

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Combining data analytics and healthcare raises interesting questions of ethics. In a context where consumer data are an increasingly valuable currency globally and concerns for individual privacy becomes widespread, what is 23andMe’s situation?

Esri and ArcGIS

ABOUT ESRI Growing out of research conducted at the Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics, Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri from here on) was founded as a land-use consulting firm in 1969 with a mere $1,100 of seed capital from founders […]


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LinkedIn is an online professional networking site that allows individuals to post resumes and connect with others.

Pushing the mantra “data is the new oil” to the limit

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Shell, the international energy company, has been an early adopter of data analytics in order to identify potential for improvement in the evolving energy industry. The company constantly tries to innovate, and it does not hold back from investing heavily in advanced technologies to reinvent the way it does business.