182-year-old P&G enters Big Data with Start-Up Pampers and Smart Diapers

P&G creates Start-Up Pampers and takes to the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show with the Lumi care connected system. A bundle of smart diapers, baby monitors, and a consumer facing app aims to combine parental insight with real time activity tracking to help first time parents ascend the steep learning curve that comes with caring for a new born baby and feeling confident while doing so.

AstraZeneca: AI in Drug Discovery & Development

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Currently, it takes a staggering 10-15 years and costs $2.6 billion to develop a new drug, and an astonishing proportion of this is lost in the 90% of candidates that fail. AstraZeneca is one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies and is incorporating AI in every step of the R&D chain from drug discovery to launch to make this process safer, quicker and less costly.

Affectiva: building AI that reads human emotions

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As the amount of data we collect increases, companies are leveraging advanced analytics to drive insights also from the most unusual sources of data, including people facial expressions or speech. In fact, an interesting application of artificial intelligence (AI) and […]