Hospital Sírio Libanês: AI during the covid crisis

Brazil was and still is one of the countries most impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Many days in April of 2021 still had death tolls of around four thousand. Sirio Libanês, a top-tier hospital in Brasil, decided to use AI to help reduce the strain on hospital capacity, but also had to navigate the challenges of having a small data science team.

LUCA: Telefónica’s shady side hustle

While Tech Behemoths are under constant scrutiny for their data practices, there’s another industry which has been silently gathering gigabytes of customer behavior logs for years. Telecommunication companies, and in particular cellphone carriers, can easily monitor users’ activity 24/7 and monetize this information.

Nubank’s data-driven decision making: democratizing data access for any internal team

As a former employee of Nubank both in an operations role and in a product management role, I have seen firsthand the power and the challenges of enabling data access to any internal team member to unlock data-driven decisions at any level of the organization. This democratic approach to data and Nubank’s agile development approach are two of the main reasons why it’s one of the most valuable Fintechs in the world today.