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This community centers its focus on the burgeoning field of AI and delves into the far-reaching implications of artificial intelligence for the future of business technology. Participants engage in a rigorous exploration of cutting-edge advancements in AI, machine learning, and automation, all while unearthing novel avenues for innovation, operational efficiency, and strategic acumen in the corporate realm. This collaborative effort aims to shape the future of digital transformation through scholarly discourse, empirical inquiry, and the practical implementation of AI-driven solutions.

Insight: Here is What the World’s Leading Executives Have to Say About the Emerging Dual Space of Digital and Sustainable Economy

The digital and sustainability paths, previously considered to be parallel, are now highly intersecting and reinforcing each other, pointing towards a symbiotic relationship between technological advancement and environmental values. Showcasing this relationship, digital technologies are expected to contribute more than one-fifth, and up to one-third, of the GHG emissions reduction required by the Paris Agreement by 2030, illustrating their importance to sustainability transformation. As such, it’s important to understand the main drivers of this shift because of the implications this shift has on the global business landscape, including the demand for businesses to prioritize integrating digital innovation with sustainable practices. With the eco-digital economy including benefits that extend well beyond improvement in core business activities, it’s imperative for leaders to have a vision for digital transformation at their organizations going forward with a focus on harnessing the opportunities created by the emerging eco-digital economy including digital strategy, cybersecurity, sustainability, and more. 

Insight: Concepts, Applications, and Opportunities in the New Age of AI Product Management

Understanding AI product management has become more crucial than ever, particularly in light of recent advancements in the spaces of AI and Machine Learning technologies punctuated by the proliferation of generative AI models. Considering the speed with which AI is becoming pervasive, having a strong grasp of AI concepts and frameworks is critical especially for aspiring AI product managers without significant technical (e.g., coding) background. This opens up exciting opportunities for non-technical product managers whilst making the field of AI product management more accessible, which is a precursor for innovating and building groundbreaking products that address complex, real-world challenges through leveraging cutting-edge technology. Product managers may have to unlearn things they learned in the past. It requires a new mindset.

Feb 22

Operationalizing Generative AI: A Conversation with International Bestselling Author QuHarrison Terry

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST Hybrid Event / Chao Center, Elaine Conference Room 300/Zoom
Join Harvard Business School professors and Principal Investigators of the Data Science and AI Operations lab, Iavor Bojinov and Edward McFowland III, as they engage in an enlightening conversation with the international bestselling author QuHarrison Terry on the exciting topic of operationalizing generative AI. Whether you are a business leader, a tech professional, or simply an AI enthusiast, this event will offer you valuable perspectives and actionable insights on making AI a transformative tool in order to drive your organization forward and toward a smarter, more efficient future.

Who is AI Replacing?

How will the release of generative AI tools affect freelance jobs that require different skills or software? Research from Ozge Demirci Ozge Demirci , along with colleagues Jonas Hannane from the German Institute for Economic Research and Xinrong Zhu from Imperial College Business School, examines the impact of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and image-generating […]

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