Startup Foundry Highlights TeamBirth

Launched in November 2023, the Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard’s Startup Foundry supports Harvard’s academic-led innovation in AI and digital business, offering the necessary business and technical guidance to turn research projects into thriving ventures. Among the inaugural cohort for the Foundry was TeamBirth. Initially a program under the Delivery Decisions Initiative at Ariadne Labs, a health systems innovation center jointly parented by the Harvard Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the team recognized the intervention was primed for scale.

TeamBirth represents a breakthrough in care process innovation, having been rigorously tested in a federal clinical trial and now implemented by thousands of clinicians across the nation, impacting hundreds of thousands of families. This model of shared decision-making is seamlessly integrated into obstetric care, covering the prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum stages, to enhance the childbirth experience. TeamBirth came to the Foundry with a desire to scale beyond the Harvard ecosystem, transforming it into a venture that could accelerate growth as a private entity and have greater impact. 

Engagement with the Foundry opened doors to invaluable mentorship and expertise in crucial business decisions, drawing from a pool of HBS alumni, seasoned entrepreneurs, VCs, and faculty. The Institute enhanced that support with product design workshops and data science insights, empowering TeamBirth to refine client service and leverage AI tools for growth. Additionally, the inclusion of a second-year HBS MBA student to the team amplified strategic business capabilities while enriching the student’s experience in a promising startup environment.

A significant milestone for TeamBirth involves developing digital technologies to improve accessibility for non-English speakers and enhancing data capture throughout the care process. Strategic journey mapping exercises, workshops on pitching, sales, and the entrepreneurial mindset, alongside partnerships with the Institute’s labs, particularly Tech for All Lab, have been critical in crafting data science tools and ensuring technological inclusivity.

TeamBirth’s journey with the Startup Foundry illustrates a rapid and multifaceted path to commercialization. Within four months of joining the program, TeamBirth is poised for significant strides in enhancing patient care, demonstrating the transformative potential of marrying innovation and vision with the right business-minded support.

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