Bricks & Code: Open Innovation at LEGO Group

The iconic toymaker LEGO Group faces a crisis in the mid-2000s as increased competition and changing consumer habits threaten its business. Turning to its passionate customers, LEGO uses open innovation to reimagine its product development process and catalyze radical change within the company.

Dealing with Changing Consumer Preferences in Traditional “Big-Beer”: Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Foray into Innovation and Disruption

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Over the past decade, consumer preferences around the world have steadily shifted away from traditional light beers towards liquor and stronger flavor, artisanal craft beers. Large scale beer brewers are forced to pursue radical innovation in regaining its consumer base. Anheuser-Busch Inbev ("AB-Inbev"), the world's largest brewer is using big-data, open innovation and acquisitions to better position itself against these headwinds.

Crowdsourcing at Adidas – Be The Designer

Crowdsourcing designs, machine learning, and efficient manufacturing processes have all been a part of Adidas' strategy for the future. With the help of open innovation the company has managed to turn its fortunes around and will be aiming to narrow the gap with Nike.