The Internet of Things: How will Samsung bring their A-game?

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Samsung is one of the main competitors within the Internet of Things Space. Traditionally, Samsung has developed consumer electronics but as we move into a world of “smart” everyday objects, Samsung must be able to not only produce great hardware but also software that will bring those ordinary objects to life in a way that attracts customers away from their competitors.

What would you do with a bounty? Decentralized collaboration on an open innovation platform

Would you like to create a bounty to get your trash picked up without registering on Handy? Would you like to receive a bounty by giving someone a lift on your way home without being an official Lyft driver? Would you like to use a bounty to crowdsource innovative approach to your next big startup idea? In a world powered by The Bounties Network, user can easily create or fulfill tasks, getting paid with tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Open Innovation Initiatives in UNHCR Refugee Communities

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Open innovation, in which companies and organization source information from external sources, helps businesses approach strategic decisions in a creative manner. UNHCR, whose goals are to implement changes external to its organization, would highly benefit from sourcing information and potential solutions from the very people they are trying to help.