NYC BigApps: Crowdsourcing Civic Innovation

In 2009, New York City launched the BigApps competition, inviting citizen-hackers to work together to create applications that improve the lives of New Yorkers. BigApps spurred a grass-roots movement for an Open Data law and served as a fecund source of ideas for the Mayor’s office. The City of New York should increasingly use design thinking processes for application development. In addition, BigApps should challenge citizen-hackers to produce solutions to diverse problems, beyond the quotidian experience of software developers.

Open Innovation at Nestle – Establishing an extended innovation ecosystem

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In a world of distributed knowledge and expertise, it’s clear that open innovation has clear advantage across the value chain. This essay discussed the challenges of traditional in-house innovation model and why it is important for Nestle to use open innovation model. Then it introduced several milestone initiatives Nestle has taken to apply Open Innovation and gave two recommendations for the management team to further consider.