Oct 12

Using Analytics to Find Value in Education Data

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT Virtual Event / Zoom

Join us for an enlightening session that delves into the transformative realm of data analytics in education. This talk uncovers the profound impact of data-driven insights on the performance of educational organizations.

Key Highlights:

· Strategic Insights through Data: Discover the process of collating, analyzing, and interpreting data to craft comprehensive strategies. Explore how this process empowers individuals and teams, amplifying their performance and effectiveness.

· Empowering Educators: Uncover the potential of data analytics in optimizing teacher impact within the classroom.

· Business Transformation: Delve into the business applications of data analytics within the education sector. Explore how these insights can revolutionize customer experience and facilitate the creation of personalized marketing content. Witness the potential to elevate outreach capabilities and overall business performance.

Hywel Benbow brings over 15 years of experience in data and analytics in both the public and private sectors, including 10 years spent in senior leadership roles. As a consultant, Hywel provides strategic guidance and services to help build data-informed organizations and turn opportunities into value.

Previously, Hywel served as the Senior Vice President of Global Data & Analytics at GEMS Education in Dubai where he transformed the organization’s data and analytics capabilities across commercial and educational landscapes. He helped foster collaboration across business units, and craft and deliver insightful analytical solutions, to empower the right stakeholders with precise information at the right time.

Hywel’s contributions to data and analytics through data strategy & and management, policy formulation, and innovative research have been recognized by his peers who voted him among the ‘100 most influential people in Data & Analytics’ by DataIQ in 2021 and 2022. Hywel is a key influencer and a leader in aligning data insights with actionable intelligence to shape the future of both education and business.

This event is open to everyone. For event inquiries or questions, reach out to us at

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