May 22

Session III: Participatory Design Workshop

headshots1 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Virtual Event
  • Tiasia O'Brien
  • Autumn Beaudoin

Join us on May 22nd at 12pm ET for an interactive workshop on Participatory Design! In this latest installment of the Responsible Innovation Series, we’ll be discussing how you and your organization can ensure a product-market fit that works for you, your clients, and the world by designing with users to create culturally responsive, life-centered innovations.

Tiasia O’Brien, Founder, Seam Social Labs  (she/her)

Tiasia is a social scientist obsessed with empirical research methods, inductive methodology, and civic innovations.  Four years ago, she founded Seam Social Labs, a public interest technology company, to design solutions that address barriers to civic engagement. Since then, Seam Social Labs has conducted & produced research such as #TheCivicGap and a suite of tech solutions including co:census to foster accessibility to civic engagement.  Her career is centered on research, advocacy, and community co-designed solutions that promote a more participatory democracy — especially for intersectional communities of color.

Autumn Beaudoin, Ethics & Research Design Lead, Seam Social Labs  (they / them)

Autumn has been working across innovation, research rigor, and ethics since the infancy of their career. As Ethics & Research lead at Seam Social Labs, their work revolves around not only making design and research services as inclusive and equitable as possible, but ensuring business practices are aligned with those values across the organization. 

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