Feb 6

Fundamentals of AI Product Management: Concepts, Applications, and Opportunities

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Virtual Event

AI is going to be a game changer for product management! 

In this webinar, our guest contributor–Aditi Joshi of Google–will cover fundamental concepts in AI product management and discuss how to build groundbreaking products that solve real-world problems, powered by cutting-edge technology. Aditi will also discuss frameworks in order to excel as an AI product manager for non-technical professionals.

Participate in this webinar to learn about the rapidly evolving landscape of AI product management, to discover new trends and applications in this field, and gain fundamental knowledge and skillsets to be able to integrate AI into product strategy and development process as an AI product manager.

Aditi Joshi is an AI Program Lead at Google. From navigating the fast-paced world of New York City product management to tackling complex AI challenges at Google, Aditi’s diverse career path culminates in her passion for teaching. Her experience spans fellowships in privacy and security at Harvard and Yale to mentoring rising startups at TechStars and Google for Startups Cloud. She is a graduate of Yale and Stanford.  Connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more about her background.

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