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You’ll Probably Need to Learn a New Acronym to Keep Up with the Latest AI Trend

By: Sage Lazarro


Four AI Questions Organizations Need to be Discussing

By: Scott Kirsner

CBS Boston

Boston Musicians, Scientists Look to Harness the Power of AI to Improve Creativity

By: Mike Sullivan

CBS Boston

Can AI Help People Be More Creative? Boston Musicians Want to Find Out

By: Mike Sullivan


Leveraging AI and Open Talent to Boost Business Velocity

By: John Winsor

Business Insider

JP Morgan’s Mary Callahan Erdoes Says ‘Curiosity’ Will Be the Most Important Human Trait in the Age of AI

By: Lakshmi Varanasi


The AI Panic Looks a Lot Like Early Criticism of Electricity. We Know How That Turned Out

By: Rachyl Jones

Harvard Magazine

Proactive AI Policy

By: Nina Pasquini

Business Insider

Grammy Nominee Bas Said AI Still Can’t Make Music that Evokes Feeling: ‘AI Never Been to the Club’

By: Lakshmi Varanasi

Boston Globe

2024 50 Tech Power Players

Karim Lakhani Karim Lakhani headshot Karim R. Lakhani selected as a Tech Power Player for 2024.

Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn Report: AI Skills Now Must-Have For Marketers

By: Matt G. Southern

Human Resources Director Magazine

Report: 3 in 4 Employees Worldwide Now Use AI

By: Dexter Tilo

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