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Student comments on Brazilian Feedlots: More Beef with Less Resources

  1. Very interesting analysis. As the price of land rises in Brazil, agribusiness get more sophisticated and seek a higher return on the land. Feedlots are inspired on Brazilian integrated poultry production chain and can really increase land productivity. Sustainability and long-term effects of this “artificial” method for feeding cattle are the main concerns towards feedlots, but I feel there is no coming back.

  2. Great analysis, Alex. You’re spot on; rising land prices in Mato Grosso and Goias are pushing the herd toward intensified feeding, but it’s still less than 10% of animals slaughtered each year. Brazil Foods is a good example of consolidated, integrated livestock production that makes significant $ in the export markets. It will be interesting to see your country soak up booming protein demand from Asia in the next 20 years.

  3. This was a very interesting article. My father works for a beef production plan in Tolleson Az and it was acquired by a larger Brazilian entity. They faced many of these issues when it came to back tracking the quality of the beef when it came to subpar quality products. I loved how you incorporated how timing of feeding really impacts the product. My father also owns a small dairy in Mexico and it runs like a well oiled machine all based off the proper food delivery and milking timeline. Technology for agriculture is progressing but I’m excited to see the advances over the next 5 years, such as drone usage. I’ve always had a soft spot for agriculture and I wish the TOM course could atleast incorporate one agri case. Thanks Win!

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