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On December 14, 2015, Avilia Guardiola commented on Brazilian Feedlots: More Beef with Less Resources :

This was a very interesting article. My father works for a beef production plan in Tolleson Az and it was acquired by a larger Brazilian entity. They faced many of these issues when it came to back tracking the quality of the beef when it came to subpar quality products. I loved how you incorporated how timing of feeding really impacts the product. My father also owns a small dairy in Mexico and it runs like a well oiled machine all based off the proper food delivery and milking timeline. Technology for agriculture is progressing but I’m excited to see the advances over the next 5 years, such as drone usage. I’ve always had a soft spot for agriculture and I wish the TOM course could atleast incorporate one agri case. Thanks Win!

On December 14, 2015, Avilia Guardiola commented on Algramo: The Value-add Vending Machine :

Remy I really enjoyed reading your post. I literally took me back to my summers in mexico where all the small stores had raw inventory stocked and you could buy by the pound. Each of these small business owners would drive out once a month to the larger distributors to buy in bulk for their personal stores. Algramo has found a way to bargain a significant price reduction for all the small store owners as a collective entity. I can truly see the value captured for both the store owners and the end purchasers. Technology has really innovated the experience for the end users improving and enhancing the delivery of a very basic goods.

On December 14, 2015, Avilia Guardiola commented on Tinder’s Business and Operating Models #ItsAMatch! :

I wonder how sustainable this business is given that its business model does not host anything proprietary it. Bumble for me has done a much more effective job in terms of quality responses as it changed its operating model to entice the woman to reach out first. How will it manage quality as it grows so rapidly? Great business but for me, its value faded in 1 day of using another app and I never once paid them for the value they provided. I’m excited to see how they will respond in capturing value.