H&M and digitization of supply chain trends – will the [fashion] show go on?

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H&M, the second largest fast fashion retailer in the world is facing challenges as consumers expect fashion to be increasingly fast-paced, affordable and personalized. The emergence of new fast fashion retailers such as ASOS and Boohoo coupled with the constant threat from its main rival Inditex has made H&M’s dual supply chain approach increasingly obsolete. How should H&M re-position its supply chain to stay competitive in the era of digitization?

The Climate Change Concern for PepsiCo

The Climate Change Concern for PepsiCo  Climate change will have a negative impact on PepsiCo’s value chain in two large ways: the impact of higher temperatures and flooding on agricultural yield and a dwindling fresh water supply. First, climate change […]

Hunting in the Zoo: How Boeing’s plead for protectionism handed Airbus a spectacular opportunity to strike back

After a complaint from Boeing, the Department of Commerce imposed a 300% import tariff on Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier’s brand-new C-Series aircraft, effectively shutting them out of the U.S. market. Bombardier’s response? To partner up with Airbus and produce the same planes in Airbus’s facilities in the U.S. Now Boeing finds itself fighting two fully coordinated adversaries in different fronts, and Airbus is preparing itself for a very promising war of attrition.