#MexicoStrong – Global Automotive Supply Chain Resilient on NAFTA Negotiations

On the evening of Sept. 19, the hashtag #FuerzaMexico (#MexicoStrong) took off across the internet after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Central Mexico. Mexicans raced to the scene of disaster and lined up to help incessantly for the next few weeks. Videos of their collective spirit took over the media – the world was astonished. Such scenes did not come as surprise for Mexicans, whose heritage of resilience supports most aspects of our lives – from facing internal injustices to dealing with external political threats.

A Sobering Situation: Constellation Brands & NAFTA Renegotiations

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Constellation Brands produces some of the most famous Mexican beers in the world. Its Mexican beer portfolio, comprised of Corona, Pacifico, and Modelo, brings in the lion’s share of revenue for the $42.5B market cap business and is produced and packaged within Mexico. Under the Trump administration, the United States faces major changes to terms of trade with other countries. What do potential border tariffs and NAFTA renegotiations mean for Constellation, a U.S.-based conglomerate with a Mexican-based supply chain that brings in 52.6% of the company’s revenue?