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On November 20, 2016, Lama commented on Pokemon Go: Bringing video games into the real world :

I agree with the concerns mentioned by GL about the dependency on third parties and would be interested as Van mentioned already to see what the user base trend looks like (as the success of the game could just be a fad)
That being said, I am sure that the VR/AR capabilities developed by Niantic could be leveraged in other games but also other industries or cross-industrial products… for example with major concerns about people’s steady lifestyles there are opportunities to develop games that as Pokemon go does require people to be active

On November 20, 2016, Lama commented on Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Medicine? :

I would say the success of digitization in the healthcare industry specially in this case when machines are expected to replace doctors is contingent to the success rate of the job done by machines compared to the success rate of doctors for the same jobs. One would have to prove that errors done by machines are less frequent or less important compared to doctors at least to get regulatory approval (I hope so). Besides that, and as mentioned in previous comments, I wonder if humans will be willing to see such a change happen as one of the biggest added value of a doctor is empathy with the patients and their ability to ask the right questions and push people to open up and reveal important insights

On November 20, 2016, Lama commented on Modernizing an archaic, unsexy industry :

Very interesting article! Freight forwarding would have been the last industry I would think about to benefit from digitization!
I am wondering what was the key reason behind the DHL software’s failure or in other words what made Flexport’s software so different and special that it was hard to compete with?
Also, wondering if the software hacking trend should worry Flexport and if they are doing anything to secure the platform?

On November 20, 2016, Lama commented on The Shazam of Fashion :

Interesting business model but I am not sure that it will work for all type of high-end products. An important value proposition of people who shop for high-end product is the ability to interact with the product in stores, in-store services and the opinion of professional fashion sales consultant. While high-end sunglasses could be an easy sell on an online platform I doubt it will work for high end dresses for instance.

On November 20, 2016, Lama commented on Uptake: A new type of mining :

Very interesting startup and fascinating how they are already generating lots of revenue because of the inefficiencies they are fixing. Makes me thing of how such inefficiency levels were permitted initially?
With regard to the risks, I agree with everything you mentioned but would also add the risk of clients developing their own internal capabilities of data analysis (as this industry becomes more and more mainstream) which risk to put an end to their business

On November 6, 2016, Lama commented on World Running Out of Water? Drink Coca-Cola Instead! :

Interesting post! Who knew that drinking coca cola is more environmentally friendly than drinking water! However given that drinking coca cola is damaging for our bodies and thus lead to higher demand for health care I wonder whether what coca cola is doing to protect global warming is negligible given that health care is also a very polluting industry.

On November 6, 2016, Lama commented on Insurance industry vs climate change: early adopters :

Interesting post, and as I read this, specially given that global warming impact the bottom lines of insurers and re-insrers I wonder whether those players should play a bigger role in fighting climate change: as they are doing with cars insurance – monitoring driving patterns of drivers and increasing premiums for the bad ones – shouldn’t they be doing the same with firms’ and individuals’ practices that impact the environment?

Given that global warming is a global phenomenon and given that we don’t know for sure if the drought in California is the result of local activities I wonder whether the appropriate solution is to shift production of Almond elsewhere?

Before I read the last paragraph I couldn’t help but saying to myself – what if this ruins its reputation if people misinterpret its actions as initiatives to protect its bottom line? But the fact that Mars is targeting zero emission goal for its factories is a good counter-argument.
On another note shouldn’t Mars be also concerned about the risk of having a key factory completely destroyed by a natural disaster that are becoming more and more frequent and less conventional (in terms of location)?

On November 6, 2016, Lama commented on … Still Got Milk? :

A major risk of global warming is what Mckinsey calls “physical risks” i.e the ones related to infrastructure and assets damage due to the increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. Factories or the supply chain of Mairee Fresh could be severely damaged thus interrupting business. So shouldn’t Mairee Fresh assess how exposed it is to such a risk and take appropriate measures to mitigate it?