Working Together Made Easy

Nest thermostat for you workday – manual not required.

Vision and value proposition

Manage yourself, your tasks and your team without being a software expert.

The problem

We all need software for video meetings, voice calls, online chat, texting, emailing, file management, calendaring, to-do lists, notes, project plans and more. We either subscribe to an integrated feature-rich solution that is difficult to learn and use (MS Teams), or we juggle a number of over-engineered, special-purpose solutions (Slack, Zoom). Without a dedicated IT staff to put it all together or a personal admin, we are left juggling tools. As context is not preserved when switching between them, things fall through the cracks, and productivity suffers.

Target market and opportunity

30M small business owners (1-50 employees) struggling with several special-purpose applications. This includes 1.3M accountants and auditors, 1.3M real estate agents, 0.7M management consultants and 0.5M loan officers. Success in this space, can be extended into non-profits and medium-sized businesses.

The solution (DeBungle It)

Free from overhead of managing yourself, your work and your team in one complete, integrated, and autonomous control center. Complete: Everything you use (mail, calendar, docs, tasks,…). Integrated: Connected and context aware. Autonomous: Baselined, learning from you and others (AI assistant). The result is productivity, quality and happiness.

Use applications you already have (Calendar, Zoom, DropBox) or what comes with the control center. The features are “easy-buttons” and will evolve over time to become more powerful (AI-driven). Interfaces offered on mobile, web or desktop applications, and can be voice activated. Only one user needs to subscribe to the solution, all others are guests. The control center can be augmented by application integrations or enhancement of core functionality. Subscription-based. $129 per year.

A few sample uses cases where context is preserved under an umbrella term called a bungle. 1) Schedule a meeting in less than one minute for users across different calendar systems, find optimal time/place, send reminders, run change mgmt. 2) During a meeting bring in docs, capture notes, assign action items, monitor next steps, preserve the event. 3) Collaboration: Select a document, add members, edit, monitor progress, resolve delays. 4) And many more…


Nils Erik Boe and Andreas Knoefel (Andreas not in HBAP), both with extensive product development experience from Silicon Valley high-tech firms.


Competition is either offering integrated solutions (MS Teams) that are very complex and require all users to be on the same platform, or solutions (Slack) that are trying to expand into related spaces, but still complex. Project management software is great for dedicated teams, but typically has a steep learning curve and requires high level of adherence (do it our way). Alternatively, one can use several special-purpose solutions (Zoom, Outlook, DropBox, Google Docs, Calendly). But there is not a solution out there yet that has approached this space with a 360 view and a simplicity mindset of getting “stuff” done.


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