Bikes, Data and the Crowd

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The value of bike sharing services like Hubway heavily depends on bike availability at each of their stations. But how are they able to predict when, where, and how many bikes should be relocated to optimize their network? The solution lies in the data.

Panorama Education

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Panorama Education is an SaaS education technology company that enables schools to improve their climate and culture, which are critical components of a successful school. Schools hire Panorama to create and administer surveys to students, teachers, administrators, and parents to […]

Dataminr: Actionable signals from Twitter

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  Dataminr specializes in the real-time analysis of data from a variety of news and social media sources to provide differentiated and expedient support to media, public sector, finance, and corporate security entities. Their value is in their ability to rapidly […]

Tinder Wants You to Tone Down Your Right Swipes

Tinder is a matchmaking app that was launched in 2012. Today, Tinder has over 50 million active users, which swipe 1.8 billion times per day, resulting in more than 26 matches per day. The company states that on average users log in 11 times a day, women spending up to 8.5 minutes a day and men spending up to 7.2 minutes a day swiping. Tinder uses data analytics software from a start-up named Interana to analyze conversion, engagement, retention and root-cause analysis challenges.

How Forter is Fighting Online Fraud

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Forter developed a fraud prevention solution for online merchants. Forter’s technology gives merchants an answer on each payment transaction whether it is fraudulent or not in real time. They use cyber intelligence and behavioral data analysis in order to create […]

E-Commerce’s Cure for Chargebacks

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SIGNIFYD is a full-service payment validation platform to help online businesses prevent payment fraud. They use data from thousands of risk indicators to determine if transactions are fraudulent. SIGNIFYD’s goal is to make an impact with e-commerce companies by allowing […]